Name: tautheory
Nation: Indonesia
Discord ID: tautheory#6617
Favorite Map:

Taken from qw-wiki tautheory is a Canadian-born player in Bandung, Indonesia. He has an extensively long history in competitive gaming, but outside of watching his mom killing things in Quake when he was a baby, started playing Quake Live in 2011-2012. Around the same time of jump-starting his Quake addiction, tautheory was sponsored for a semi-professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team called “Nexzil” which also landed him a slot as one of their first Quake Live players. Soon thereafter, ShootMania Storm was released in beta in early 2013 where tau and two other Nexzil squadmates formed a team to play in the big leagues. He participated in IPL5 ShootMania 2012 and Curse ShootMania Invitational 2012, where regular practice opponents included famous players such as rapha, id-, and teams such as compLexity, SK Gaming, Curse, and more. After both of these tournaments, Shootmania unfortunately died and with it, tau’s AFPS gaming career. Even Quake Champions couldn’t bring him back. That is until 2019, when he began speedrunning Quake 1. This ultimately led him to QuakeWorld multiplayer, where he was very fortunate to be welcomed within the Australian community Cooked Esports with full arms.

Division Down Under
QW Duel Season 1

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