Month: October 2021

North America Playoffs

Division North America have finished their regular season and playoff awaits; it’s time to crown the NA champion.

It was a real nice season and as the table shows the top 8 players all got 10+ wins of the 15 games they played. Predicting the outcome of these playoffs will not be easy. SERP and Zorak was dead even in the table but SERP beat Zorak in their fight so SERP took 4th place.

The top 8 players go to quarterfinals where they will play a single elimination bracket. Each game is a best of 3 Bo3. It simply means you need to win 2 x Bo3 to prevail.

The fixtures are:

(1) BlooD_DoG(D_P) vs (8) x1bot
(4) SERP vs (5) Zorak

(2) Blaze vs (7) BullD0zer
(3) andeh vs (6) yeti

NO ONE will schedule anything as the admin will approach the players for the quarterfinal fixtures.

The same map rules apply for the playoffs. Use RND to select who picks 1st map. In the 2nd Bo3 you switch that order. If a 3rd Bo3 is needed you do RND again.

Best of luck to all players!