TeamMap ScoreMap 1Map 2Outcome


Bo3 #1
Map 1: BLUEYARD - Tom vs bps 21-15
Map 2: AEROWALK - Tom vs bps 9-27
Map 3: ZTNDM3 - Tom vs bps 18-30

Bo3 #2
Map 1: BRAVADO - Tom vs bps 13-25
Map 2: BLUEYARD - Tom vs bps 18-29

The first Bo3 was pretty tight. Tom had ok control on Blueyard with a 20-10 lead late in the game when he started to play defensive and slowspawn. On Aerowalk it was pretty even first minutes but when bps got "warmed up" the frags was running away, still a good fight by Tom. On decider Ztndm3 we got some drama; bps got the early lead and was setting him self up for a smooth ride with a nice frag lead. But the evilness of Ztndm3 struck and Tom did an amazing comeback (oh the spawns!), tied up the game and got the lead. However in the deciding moments with just a couple of minutes left, bps managed to get the vital frags and the spawnfrags was ofc there and the map was lost for Tom. The end score got bigger because of pressure from Tom but the map could have gone either way. A really great Bo3.

In the second Bo3 bps selected Bravado and the start here was pretty even as well. Bps was a little better all around on the map and after a while it was clear who would win. In the second Blueyard players needed to pause the game because of some father issues (kids crying!) so it was kind of a broken game. When they started again it felt like Tom just wanted to get this done (not taking anything away from bps who played well on this map) and he lost is fav map by a pretty big score.

Anyway it was a good series and some real nice play from both players. Great Games!


Date Season
December 2, 2021 QW Duel Season 1

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