Name: Martin Øvad
Nation: Denmark
Discord ID: Valde#1823
Favorite Map: 

Hi fellow Quakers. My name is Martin, I am 42 years old. I started playing Quake with Clan of the Necronomicon in 96. Our biggest move, was to build Striker from the bottom up, like Dre and Eminem made 50 cent. I have also won the Danish Quake League but it did not get me the real respect from other players. Winning Locktar 18-16 DM4 in five min game did. Im in this league to prove im the best danish Quaker in the world. Btw, i dont job since im bipolar after all the losing and winning so my life is dedicated to Quakeworld.

Division 3 EU
QW Duel Season 1

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