TeamMap ScoreMap 1Map 2Map 3Outcome


Bo3 #1
Map 1: CATALYST - rat vs gloomy 37-8
Map 2: ZTNDM3 - rat vs gloomy 13-16
Map 3: AEROWALK - rat vs gloomy 7-9

Bo3 #2
Map 1: ZTNDM3 - rat vs gloomy 13-23
Map 2: CATALYST - rat vs gloomy 18-13
Map 3: SKULL - rat vs gloomy 31-11

Bo3 #3
Map 1: ZTNDM3 - rat vs gloomy 10-15
Map 2: CATALYST - rat vs gloomy 17-10
Map 3: DM2 - rat vs gloomy 4-0

Epic battle where the players went the full distance: 9 maps! Both players won their picks all 3 times (ztndm3 and catalyst). Rat was closest to break the opponents pick but the ztn-spawn-gods was definitely on Gloomy's side and when he needed to play defensive he did that very, very good. On the second Bo3 Gloomy did a very good catalyst and could have ended the contest after 5 maps but Rat refused to go down and made a huge comeback and secured a decider. Rat would then select skull as decider and he was strongest there as well.

So a 3rd Bo3 was needed after 6 intense maps. Then after yet another ztndm3/catalyst showdown both players again tossed dm4/dm6 but then the players probably got uncertain on what to toss and the legendary "dm2-decider" was upon us. Gloomy spawned tele and Rat spawned water so they both got their mega's. Then Rat decided to camp low-rl/lift to deny Gloomy a red armor. And that worked out nice for Rat as he finally got the kill and 1-0. Then Rat did the classic dm2-defensive style at ra-mega and Gloomy couldnt break him. An epic 9 map battle was over.

Great Games and WP both players!


Date Season
December 8, 2021 QW Duel Season 1

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