TeamMap ScoreMap 1Map 2Outcome


Bo3 #1
Map 1: DM6 - Goniec vs .devil 21-7
Map 2: CATALYST - Goniec vs .devil 52-15

Bo3 #2
Map 1: CATALYST - Goniec vs .devil 37-12
Map 2: AEROWALK - Goniec vs .devil 17-35
Map 3: ZTNDM3 - Goniec vs .devil 26-9

.devil selected Dm6 in the first Bo3 but got behind early 0-7, so a great start for Goniec. Goniec had full control at that moment but .devil played very good and managed to do a great comeback that stopped at 6-7. Goniec then managed to get control back and in the end the scores got a little bigger. Good fight! On Catalyst Goniec had no problems as .devil dont play that map much. So a +forward fiesta ended up with a huge score.

In the second Bo3 Goniec selected Catalyst again but this time .devil played much better (smarter) and the fragscore was not so bad for him. In the end though the map advantage was too huge to handle and the frags ran away again. But a much better fight this time. .devil selected Aerowalk and he carried over his good play from previous map. Goniec faught well but .devil was just better this time. A really nice Aerowalk by .devil and it was tied. Decider was Ztndm3 and both players played "no-risk" so the start got tight and even. Half way trough Goniec managed to build up a lead but .devil made a nice comeback and with 2 mins to go the score was 11-9 to Goniec. The next frag would be crucial as both players played very safe and .devil had to make a move and he lost that fight. Then another frag for Goniec followed up by 2 spawnfrags and it was gg.

.devil put up a good fight vs a player that is a little better. The last Bo3 was a really nice series.


Date Season
December 2, 2021 QW Duel Season 1

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