Our aim is to give everyone who wants to duel a fair and versatile ground to compete on, no matter what skill, ambition or map preferences you got. We believe that short BO3 duels with involving many maps is the best way to satisfy your need for duels. It will also make it easier to schedule games and we should have a league that could fit everyone who likes to duel.

With a map system that gives everyone their favorite map, short BO3 games, many and equal opponents, we believe we are taking quakeworld duels back to where it belongs. Sure, most got maps they love and hate, but that is duel for you; it has always been like this.

With a division system that mimics ordinary sports leagues, we believe that we in time will achieve the level of discipline and commitment from players that is needed for a league like this. It should not be a hard task to reach as there already have been many tournaments/leagues since the birth of Quake.

With 1 season taking approximately 10-12 weeks (2 games a week per player), there can be 3 full seasons during one calendar year (august/september to may/june). This means a player can potentially move up/down 3 tiers in one calendar year. Every new player that enters the league will be seeded correctly by the admin.

Enjoy duels on your level of skill; be a casual dueler and have fun with friends or thrive on for your quest for glory amongst the top duelers in the world.

Old dueler or new dueler, master or rookie: Welcome to QuakeWorld Duel League.