League system
Game Settings
Servers / Pings
Voting on maps
Favorite Map
League Table
Playoff / Promotion / Relegation
Timeframe / Fixtures
Scheduling / Reporting
Change in Rules

League system

The QuakeWorld Duel League is a division round robin system that you are familiar with in sports leagues. Currently we are setting up divisions for all regions/continents. Our goal is to make a league that will have a promotion/relegation system that move players up/down divisions after each season. All new players would then enter the league at the bottom division. Each division should consist of about 20 players but in the first season(s) we might need to adjust.

All games are best of 3 maps; BO3.

Playoff games are best of 3 BO3’s (a BO3 BO3).


No players are seeded, all new players start at the bottom division. However this might take time to adjust so the first season the players were seeded.

Game Settings

– Timelimit 10 minutes
– Overtime 3 minutes
– Deathmatchmode 3 (weaponstay)
– Powerups OFF
– Discharge ON
– Fairpacks OFF
– Fallbunny ON
– Berzerk OFF
– Midair OFF
– Instagib OFF

In other words normal settings for a 10 minute duel game.


ezQuake 3.2.x or higher (3.5x must be Alpha 18 or higher). Also the upcoming ezQuake 3.6-quakecon will be allowed. unezQuake will be accepted as long as it answers to the same checks and restrictions as ezQuake’s f_modified.

Remember to check with f_modified and f_version.

Ruleset: smackdown and/or quakecon.

Servers / Pings

Games are played in each regions servers. If players from other regions join, they will have to play on servers in that region. Try to get a server that is OK for both players. If you cant sort it out yourselves (gentlemen do) then admins can help. The general guidelines should be:

EU vs NA: uk/ireland
EU vs BR: uk/ireland
NA vs EU: east
NA vs BR: south-east
NA vs AU: west

Or find other options that suits both players. Also there can be players from more than one region that joins, they should also find an option that is best for both.


Every division got 7 maps. With a BO3 system that means each player pick one map each and if a decider is needed each player throws 2 maps each and last map is decider map.

If you played the same map twice, that map is also decider. If you can not agree on map/throw order then do random draw. The player who selected map number 2 throws first if it is 1-1 in maps.

Player 1 toss 1st map
Player 2 toss 2nd map
Player 1 toss 3rd map
Player 2 toss 4th map

Map pool is 7 maps.

Maps are TB5: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3 + 2 voted maps.

Each division have their own vote on what the 2 voted maps are.

You vote on the 2 additional maps when you sign up.

If players agree they can really play any map/setting they like as long as they play a best of 3 match. QWDUEL is about dueling and fun and everyone got different taste. The rules are here for you if u do not agree. When you type “ready” you have agreed that this is ok to play.

Voting on maps

When you sign up you vote on the additional 2 maps: “Map 1” and “Map 2”. This decides what is going to be map 6 and map 7 in the map pool, together with TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3). REMEMBER: If you do not vote, you can not influence this and you do not care what the 2 voted maps are. Each division got their own map vote. If you vote for the same map twice, it will be counted as 1 vote.

Any map can be voted on, but only “normal” maps will be accepted. What is a “normal” map? Answer: A map with “normal” design/layout/spawns. Example of maps that are accepted: e1m2, dm3, ultrav, spinev2, panzer etc. Example of maps that are not accepted: hippos, e4m7, povdmm4, hohoho etc. You wonder if your map will be accepted? Ask the admins.

If you know that your map vote is very rare and there is probably only you or some other that vote on this map, why waste a vote on it? Maybe it is better to select a map you know have a better chance to make it? Learn more in the section below: Favorite Map.

Favorite Map

Favorite Map is the last section on the sign up page. Favorite Map is the map you get to play no matter what. Favorite Map simply is a map that is not in the map pool of 7 (TB5 + 2 voted) and it gives you the option to swap that map with one of the 2 voted maps, if you like, you are not forced to do it. You can not change TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3). So basically the map pool is always TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) + 2 voted and Favorite Map gives you the option to switch one of the voted maps with your Favorite Map.

It means that TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) + the 2 voted maps ARE NOT a Favorite Map. If your Favorite Map gets voted into the map pool, you will not have a Favorite Map, as it already is in the map pool.

This means you can add some tactics when you make your 2 map votes.

EXAMPLE: Let’s say you really want to play catalyst. In order to be 100 % sure that you will get to play catalyst then add that map as your Favorite Map. Then it does not matter how the map votes go, you will get to play catalyst either way. So if the map votes ended like this: TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) + bravado and skull, you still get to play catalyst and you will have catalyst listed as your Favorite Map at your player page. If however the voting ended like this: TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) + bravado and catalyst, then your Favorite Map got voted into the map pool of 7 and you do not have a Favorite Map listed at your player page.

Most players would probably add their Favorite Map as a voted map (Map 1 and Map 2) + as a Favorite Map. Why? Because Favorite Map guarantees that you get to play the map, and by also voting on it as one of the voted maps you can get that map into the map pool of 7. Some players might also think differently and they will only put up their Favorite Map as Favorite Map, and pick 2 other maps on the map votes. If you for example got a very rare Favorite Map that you know no one will vote on, then why waste a map vote? Then just select it as Favorite Map.

The Map Votes and Favorite Map options are not required, you are free to do what ever you want. Freedom of choice. Favorite Map is listed at the player page so that your opponents can see if you have chosen a Favorite Map or not.


You do not have to bring in your Favorite Map to the map pool, but if you do:

– If you face a player that selects Favorite Map, then you throw one of the voted maps out of the map pool to make room for the Favorite Map, so that the map pool of 7 is intact.

– If both players selects Favorite Map then both voted maps gets thrown out of the map pool, so that the map pool of 7 is intact.

IN SHORT: Map pool is always TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3) + 2 voted, but Favorite Map gives you the option to change one of the voted maps.

League Table

The ranking order in the league are as follows:

1. Wins
2. Map Difference (Map Wins – Map Loss)
3. Head to Head (Internal fight)
4. Rematches (if 3 players or more are tied on all of the above)

Frags do not count but will be displayed on the game pages.

Playoff / Promotion / Relegation

After all league games have been played the season ends with playoffs. The top 8 players in each division goes to playoff. The bottom 4 players in each division gets relegated to the division below.

The season champion is crowned.

The season champion is crowned.

The semifinalists gets promoted to division 1.

The semifinalists gets promoted to division 2.

Rematches for players tied in the table (if needed; playoff/relegation spot)

Quarterfinals: 1vs8 – 2vs7 – 3vs6 – 4vs5.
Semifinals: 1vs8 VS 4vs5 – 2vs7 VS 3vs6.


Timeframe / Fixtures

Each player will have to play 2 games a week. All games are BO3 so finding the time to make that happen should not be a problem. If it is a problem, don’t enter the league. One season should then take 10 weeks (19 games) + playoffs. So 11 weeks per season is the goal. Then we reset, adjust/change divisions, make a signup window for new players (signups are open all the time, you enter the league when the new season starts), confirm that the current players are still in and we start a new season.

Walkovers (WO)

Walkovers are allowed, but exploiting it will lead to disqualification. For instance if a map is going only one way and the outcome is clear, then you can break and give the opponent the map win. But this is not how its supposed to be, everyone needs to show sportsmanship and respect for each other. The option is there but exploiting it will lead to warnings and in the end disqualification.

The schedule will be set before the season starts and you must play your scheduled opponents within each week; 2 games a week. Failing to do so will end in a WO. If a game must be postponed you must inform admins about it. With no communication with your opponent and admins you got no case. Also we understand that sometimes you just can not get a game played and you must leave a WO. That is allowed. You are allowed to give away 5 WO’s during a season. Anything more than that and you are disqualified and all your games are set to default 0-2 loss, which means you get rock bottom place in your division.

A WO is set to 2-0.

If players are separated in the table only by Map Difference, and WO’s are involved in this matter, admins can take a look at this and adjust games. Example: Player A is in front of Player B by +1 in Map Score, but player A got 2 x WO’s in his favor: +4 in Map Score in those games. Player B did not get WO’s vs the same players and ended up with a total of +2 in Map Score. If the spots Player A and Player B are fighting for are vital spots (playoff, promotion/relegation), admins need to look at it. Of course it is not Player A’s fault he got WO’s, but we still like it to be as fair as possible. Circumstances can also be different for every situation and the involved players can have a say. This rule is up for debate and any input from players/community are welcome.

Scheduling / Reporting

Players will get contact info to all players in their division. On our discord server we have set up scheduling and reporting channels for each division. Go to our discord here:


Remember that you need to play 2 games a week and play the opponents that are set up on your weekly fixtures. All games got a date and that date is the deadline date for your games. Walkovers will be forced. If you need to postpone a game you got 1 extra week to do that. All players should try their best to sort their schedule.

The winner of each game report with screenshots in the correct discord channel. REMEMBER THE CORRECT ORDER as admins are not mind readers.


If you wish to upload demos we got a channel for that on our discord.


Go to the signup page to sign up for the league. Signups are open all the time and you enter the league when a new season starts. You enter the league at the bottom division. New divisions are made when the amount of players force it.

Change in Rules

Admins can change rules during a season if they decide to do so. Normally this will not happen but if special circumstances occur it can happen. Admins will however do anything that is best for the league at all times. Everyone will of course be informed of any changes mid-season.