Season 2 announcement

After the successful first season, it’s time for a second season!

Season 2 will feature some changes. “Favorite map” has been removed, for now. At some point there might be a survey of some kind to see what people liked and disliked about it. The map pool will instead be TB5+Bravado+1 voted map, which you will vote for in the signup form. Also, this season will feature a drop-first system, to allow you to avoid maps you really dislike (or perhaps even be tactical about it!).

Head over to the sign up page to sign up!

Deadline for signups is September 9, 2022!

North America Playoffs

Division North America have finished their regular season and playoff awaits; it’s time to crown the NA champion.

It was a real nice season and as the table shows the top 8 players all got 10+ wins of the 15 games they played. Predicting the outcome of these playoffs will not be easy. SERP and Zorak was dead even in the table but SERP beat Zorak in their fight so SERP took 4th place.

The top 8 players go to quarterfinals where they will play a single elimination bracket. Each game is a best of 3 Bo3. It simply means you need to win 2 x Bo3 to prevail.

The fixtures are:

(1) BlooD_DoG(D_P) vs (8) x1bot
(4) SERP vs (5) Zorak

(2) Blaze vs (7) BullD0zer
(3) andeh vs (6) yeti

NO ONE will schedule anything as the admin will approach the players for the quarterfinal fixtures.

The same map rules apply for the playoffs. Use RND to select who picks 1st map. In the 2nd Bo3 you switch that order. If a 3rd Bo3 is needed you do RND again.

Best of luck to all players!

Dueling all over the world

Australia kicked QuakeWorld Duel League off this summer, quickly followed by North America. Finally Europe came along with the biggest signup so far: 63 players divided into 3 divisions. 85 players are now playing duels in 5 divisions, some of them in multiple divisions. A total of 861 fixtures/events have been generated and 157 of those have already been played. Australia is half way through the season and playoff is awating in the sunset.

There is some start challenges regarding map rules so it will probably take this 1st season to get acquainted with that. In short, the “Favorite Map” rule gives you the option to select a map that is not in the map pool and you can swap that map with one of the maps that got voted in. As the rules state; you can not touch TB5 (dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3), but you can swap one of the voted maps.

With this feature you can cycle the “kenyas” (the voted maps). WHY? …some players will ask. Well, who decided that we can only play 3-4 fixed maps outside TB5? And who decided that those were the only maps we could select? There are 1000s of maps out there and duel is a mode you can learn a map faster than any other modes. Also when you look at the number of Favorite Maps voted in this 1st season, it is clear that players want to play on something else as well. And with short Bo3 games you will always get to play your best map and a decider will be a map you know.

In our estimation this system gives you an excellent way to include “all maps” and at the same time stay with the classic maps of quake1/quakeworld.

I big shoutout to all the players in all divisions!

Division Europe

Yesterday Division Europe kicked off season 1 with 63 players and 3 divisions. Access them in the top menu. It seems that the “Favorite Map” option is quite popular as the number of maps being requested outside TB5 is flourishing.

For map votes on the EU divisions go to the SIGNUP page.

Division North America

NA DIV kicked off today with 16 players. This division also got players from 3 regions as players from Europe and Brazil are joining.

Map votes:

4 – bravado
3 – skull

2 – shifter
2 – q1q3phrantic
2 – toxicity
2 – spinev2
2 – messy
1 – catalyst
1 – monsoon